I am a psychologist whose career has spanned 15 years of academic professorship and 25 years of seminar instruction.

I offer master classes, seminars, and mediator services to leaders, teachers, and people from all walks of life with an interest in improving their relational skills. These services can be delivered to groups of up to 16 members in a place and time of the client’s choosing.

I conduct one or two-day master classes concentrating on the following:

  1. Social Intelligence – developing relational skills in essential situations such as negotiations, persuasion, feedback processes, listening, and leading discussion. The precise content of each seminar is invariably tailored to the client’s specific needs.
  2. Public Presentation – builds skills in both speech preparation and presentation, as well as leading any follow-on discussion. Participants will learn many practical tips to hone their presenting skills based on psychologically sound principles.
  3. Conflict Resolution – gives a clear understanding of what conflict is, how it occurs and grows, and what are the strategies most helpful in its resolution. Skills in analyzing self as well as conflict producing situations are emphasized.
  4. The Psychology of Decision Making – teaches how to comport oneself in moments of vital decision making. Reveals hardships of indecision, and develops successful strategies for decision making.
  5. Being at Ease in Professional Social Capacities – instructs how to shed social discomfiture and become engaging in unofficial duties. How to greet and to speak successfully, carry on small talk, make compliments, relate anecdotes, and to MC receptions.
  6. Working Group Relationships – gives vital knowledge regarding the interpersonal dynamics of short-term working groups. Teaches how to create team networking skills for achieving goals.

Some of my favorite seminars in all of these fields are Personal Experience Seminars – a one-day experience in which each participant shares a situation which is to any degree vital to them from a relational perspective. Each member learns how to analyze that situation and discover various behaviors to apply to it. I have started calling this type of experience-based seminar a “Relational Happening”.

Mediating Service is meant for those who otherwise are no longer able to actually listen to each other for the resolution of their problems of every description. I am not there to offer solutions, but rather to help parties to clearly understand all sides of an issue and to support them in finding useful solutions.

How can I be of help to you? Contact me at tonu.lehtsaar@suhtlemiskoolitus.ee